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Electric wine cooler black compressor

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Electric wine cooler black compressor We recommend the black electric cooler especially for sparkling wines, white and rosé wines. The advantage of the wine shop is the consumption of wines and beverages at a stable low temperature. The cooling temperature is adjustable to 4-18 ° C.

• Temperature and cooling is provided by a low-noise compressor in the range of 4 ° C to 18 ° C - displayed on a digital display.

• After 3 hours from switching on the appliance, the bottles are cooled to the optimum temperature.

• The front preview window is made of double glass, which is backlit by LEDs.

• An advertising sticker can be provided on the windshield.

• Bottle capacity 4-5 bottles.

• Climate class ST.

• Voltage 220-240 V AC.

• Frequency 50 Hz.

• Dimensions: Height 25.5 cm; width 69 cm; depth 19 cm.

Compressor cooling with contact plates.

• Adjustable temperature 4oC-12oC

Consumption 0,5 Kw/h (15o)

Weight 10 kg.

Digital display.
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