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About Us

The e-shop of sommelier supplies is part of Oreon Trading & Marketing s.r.o., which is a Czech company representing foreign companies in the Czech Republic and SR or implementing direct imports from foreign manufacturers.

All the time we are engaged in advertising products that will support the presentation of our customers' brands in the beverage industry. We deliver everything successful brands need. Our customers are mainly beverage manufacturers and importers, breweries and wineries. In recent years, we have also been supplying a comprehensive assortment to emerging microbreweries.

All information about our company and the offered assortment can be found www.oreon.cz.

On our e-shop we offer products not only for winemakers and wine lovers, such as containers for cooling and presentation of wines, openers, funnels, knives and other accessories for gastronomy, but also a selection of beer or tasting glasses.

We are constantly expanding our range and offering our customers a comprehensive and comprehensive range for the presentation of beverages.